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Hi Admin, i ´ve gave permissions to a user in the Gallery Manager Module, but this isn´t working. Where can i start my debugging looking for this error? this is an advanced module.

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    It appears that you are asking the right person (the creator of the module) in this thread:
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    Yes, but i did try a lot of time, without positive results. Which is the place where set up the permissions for this module ? this seems not to be integrated to the fuel model.

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    Hey! How yo doing! I have good news.

    To grant access to other user (not superadmin) to the gallerymanager module, we need first, add the permissions from the option menu on the CMS like the tutorial says. Then, we need to edit these permissions, changing the default "name". For our case, we need 3 permissions:

    1. Gallery Manager( the name would be "tools/gallerymanager" )
    2. Create Group ( the name would be "tools/gallerymanager/add_group" )
    3. Help ( the name would be "tools/gallerymanager/help" )

    Thanks for you time. See you on the next issue !
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