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Navigation Groups

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This is in 0.91 from this morning.

The group_id seems to get ignored if it has no parents.

I have two groups: Root (holds most items) id of 1 and Footer (few double ups with root, sitemap, legal etc) id of 2.

Both have no parents.


$options = array('container_tag' => 'div',
'container_tag_id' => 'footerNav',
'use_titles' => true,
'group_id' => 2);

echo fuel_nav($options);

It returns everything in both groups because it runs $CI->navigation_model->find_all_array(); on line 327 of fuel_helper.

I thought it may have been due to the fact that the double ups share the same location. Changed the values, problem persist.

Thought I'd also mention that on creation you can duplicate the locations between groups. On edit it flags an error. There is a number of comments about items may have duplicate locations in the code so why the error on edit?


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    Kinda off topic a bit but the menu class behaves a bit out of (my) expectations.

    I need a horizontal list. I could have an inline < ul > for sure. But since I can set the container_tag and item_tag for the list (so DIV and '') I figured it would drop the item tag wrappers off. Instead it encapsulated with empty <>.. so close to behaving.

    I've got around it by using spans which works fine.
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    If you change line 327 to the following, does it fix your problem?
    $menu_items = $CI->navigation_model->find_all_array(array('group_id' => $p['group_id']));
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    There was a another issue in that function I noticed with regards to passing a parent value which I've fixed and posted to GitHub. I also posted a fix for the empty menu items.
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    Awesome cheers.

    Wonder if it would be worthwhile to others to be able to send fuel_nav the group name instead of id? I had to look in the db to see what the id of the groups were.

    I did this to make it happen:

    Fuel Helper, around 322

    if ( ! is_numeric($p['group_id']))
    $p['group_id'] = $CI->navigation_model->get_group_id_by_name($p['group_id']);

    And in navigation_model:

    function get_group_id_by_name($name)
    $query = $this->db->get_where($this->_tables['navigation_groups'], $this->_tables['navigation_groups'].'.name = "'.$name.'"');

    if ( ! $id = $query->row('id'))
    # default
    return 1;
    return $id;
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    that is a good idea... I'll look into changing that.
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