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Niggly minor issue when deleting

edited May 2015 in Modules

Some of my simple modules are declared with an 'display_field' => 'myName','edit_method' => 'pickme' in MY_fuel_modules. This is because the name I want to use is a complex calculation as a result of a JOIN.

This works everywhere within the simple module except when I click delete, the resulting page displays:

"Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined variable: title

Filename: modules/module_delete.php

Line Number: 8"

It's obviously not finding a $title variable for that view. I can't seem to track down where $title is defined before showing the view though.

Any pointers welcome...



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    Try adding the joins and a select statement that creates the "title" field in your _common_query method on the model if you haven't already. The upcoming release in the develop branch now has a _common_joins method which will get used in find_ methods as well as the list_items and options_list methods.
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    Of course - silly me. That did it, thanks for the pointer.
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