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I support a FUEL website for a client which is getting the following error when we try to edit a block in the admin panel:


You don't have permission to access /fuel/blocks/edit/1 on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

A few months ago, they accidentally lapsed in payment to their hosting provider, and the hosting provider kept all of the files/database/etc. in place during the client's unexpected down-time, but now a couple times we've had strange issues like this. It seems to me that file permissions must have gotten messed up during that down-time. I can access /fuel/blocks/edit/1, but i get the above error when I change the HTML in the view input box and then hit the save button.

I tried changing the block's php file its self, but though Fuel notices that the block file has been changed and asks if we want to import it, Fuel fails to be able to import it...

Any suggestions? Thanks!


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    Does the user having trouble have access to all permissions regarding for Blocks? When you say FUEL fails to import the block, is there an error message that appears after importing or is it after you import and save that the page the block appears on displays an error?
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    Yes, the user has permissions to all aspects of Blocks. That Forbidden error only comes up after the "Save" button is clicked for a Block.

    For the importing part, as soon as the "Yes" button is clicked, when it asks "There is an updated view file located at public_html/fuel/application/views/_blocks/myblock.php. Would you like to import?" the view file is never imported and the IP the user is using is blocked by the hosting provider for 15 minutes or so.... which obviously makes testing the scenario much more difficult. To make it worse, the hosting provider is less than helpful...
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    Is the server using some sort of security software that you know of like SUHOSIN?

    I'm not sure what would cause that them to block an IP address. It should be doing an AJAX call to fuel/blocks/import/myblock which will load in the returned contents.
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    Awesome, thanks for the suggestions. I'll check the AJAX call in detail, and inquire about software like SUHOSIN.
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    Thanks for the tip! The hosting service had implemented "ModSecurity" without telling us which was getting triggered when "importing" the block. They have turned it off, and it works great again!
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