item_actions toolbar buttons?

I think that I might have posed my question incorrectly before, let me rephrase. I can not get the Toolbar buttons to appear after attempting to define them in fuel/fuel/application/config/MY_fuel_modules.php like so:

$config['modules']['packages'] = array();
$config['modules']['packages'] = array(
'module_name' => 'Packages',
'module_uri' => 'packages',
'model_name' => 'packages_model',
'model_location' => '',
'display_field' => 'name',
'preview_path' => '',
'permission' => 'packages',
'instructions' => 'Here you can manage the examples for your site.',
'archivable' => TRUE,
'nav_selected' => 'packages',
'list_actions' => array('blocks/upload' => lang('btn_upload')),
'item_actions' => array('save', 'view', 'publish', 'delete', 'duplicate', 'replace', 'create',
'others' => array('blocks/upload' => lang('btn_upload'))

Do I need to set permissions or anything like that? Please advise, I absolutely need to get these buttons added. Thank you to anyone that is KIND enough to reply!


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    If you are not logged in as the admin, then you will need to have the permission assigned to you which will be 'blocks/upload' in your case.
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