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hey. me again! :)

I've created my own module. Everything works fine.
In my models folder, i hav an myapp_categories_model.php.

in this model, there are several input elements. one of them is a select item. now i want to add an event to this select item, which will load some other database entries, on change. i've added an JS Controller and the right function.

var path = jqx.config.fuelPath + '/myapp/categories/' $.post(path, {id:$('#id').val() }, function(html){ });

How can i manage a right Ajax request? Do i need a new controller?


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    Yes. You will need to setup a controller to handle that. Take a look at "advanced modules" which allows you to setup your own controllers, models, views, etc.
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    fyi: i've created in my module/controllers an ajax.php which extends the fuel_base_controller. to make the hole stuff flexible, i added to the index() method a case statement which checks the request and redirects the request to the required method.

    thank you. And hey: FUEL IS AWESOME!!
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    Great! Glad to hear you got it working.
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    If you can share that code for ajax class or the php file and what you did that would be great. I am starting a new application and I will need to work with ajax a lot.
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    As an FYI, there is now a method that allows you to make requests on the controller and it will look for model method with a prefix starting with "ajax_". For example:
    $.get('my_module/ajax/my_method', {limit: 5}, function(html){ console.log(html); }
    Would map to a method on you my_module's model of "ajax_my_method()". Arguments can be passed to the method as an array. You can pass parameters via ajax with the get object parameters (e.g. {limit: 5}).
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    the only thing i wonder, if the profiling is turn on, how to disable it for ajax call ... or else your return result is follow by all those profiling data.
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