Server problem!

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Hello, please HELP!
I got a problem with new site made on FUEL:
After several hours since launch of new site server died, it just stopped responding, after reboots problem didn't gone...
Technical department said that we got memory leak in modules of server resources...
Site ( got everyday about 7-12 thousands of users, test (working) version can be seen at - dev. pass is delete1312, I have included profiler, please tell me your opinion about this problem: this is due to errors in the code or server settings... where to find the problem?


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    PHP of this server
    current site - the old version (MODX CMS), the new one (FuelCMS) works here TEST Server
    password: delete1312
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    The site appears to be working now correct?
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    site - is an old site made on MODX CMS - workes fine
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    In other words, what can cause memory leak on server where running site on FuelCMS?
    profiler shows memory usage in diapason 17-20mb on every page...
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    That's really tough to tell from this side and whether it is related to FUEL or something else.
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    I see ...
    I think that the problem is with the server configuration ...
    But can FUEL cause such problems if:
    1) in block header.php (in my layouts) use another blocks, for example:
    echo fuel_block('headers/header_markets_list', array('cache' => true)); $this->load->view('_blocks/headers/header_toggle_lang'); $this->load->view('_blocks/headers/header_logo_slogan');
    in _blocks/headers/header_markets_list i got this:
    $markets = fuel_model('markets', array('find' => 'all'), array('published' => 'yes', 'language' => $selected_lang) ); and then use foreach to display records found in $markets;
    blocks that are connected via $this->load->view () - simple views;

    2) in my global vars file got this:
    // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Check lang and load specific file // ------------------------------------------------------------------------ $lang = check_lang($CI->uri->segment(1)); if ($lang) { $CI->lang->load('common', $lang); $vars['selected_lang'] = $lang; } // ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    function check_lang() - is in my_helper.php

    And another thing, when I enable profiler it shows that memory usage is about 20mb on real server, on local server got about 14-15mb, pure Fuel installation shows about 9mb on local server, I didn't find answer about what memory usage considered normal, would like to know your professional opinion!
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    Are the data results different between the different servers which would cause the difference in memory? I believe that memory usage is pretty normal.
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