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language and session problems

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I have a multilingual site and the is a problem:
I use segment method and I need locations to be same for german and english languages (e.g. site_url/{lang_segment}/about) and content of the page should change by selecting language. How can I make this if locations must be unique?

And one another thing: this is not the first site that I do using FUEL and often when I'm working inside CMS it throws on login page, sometimes I can't save record - pressing button "save" constantly throws on the login page, sometimes I decide this issue like this:
I logout from CMS then login again, sometimes it helps for short time, sometimes not ...
Perhaps this problem is related with sessions...


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    For your first question, I'm not quite sure I understand the question/issue. Are you wanting there to be 2 different sets of content at the same URI location but based on your language. So "" would show English, if you have selected english, but if you've selected German, it would show German? If so, this method is not recommended and is not supported (search engines don't like that either).

    For the session issue, what version of FUEL are you using? Sometimes the session cookie can get too big and can cause issues. Certain page settings get added to the session which can be limited in the config. Here is one thing to possibly try adding to your fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php file:
    // Max number of recent pages to display $config['max_recent_pages'] = 0; // The maximum number of pages that page state will be saved before dumping the last one saved. // This is used on the list pages in the admin to save sorting and filtering. Used to save on space needed for session. $config['saved_page_state_max'] = 0;

    Also, changing to use DB sessions (found in the main CI config file at fuel/application/config/config.php) will often fix that problem to.
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    Oh thanks!
    I used DB sessions and made them longer - as long as, everything works well!

    About multilanguage:
    My URLs are or, but i can't save page with location "about" with 'de' lang when i have location "about" with 'en' lang...
    I also got some modules like news where i got 'slug' and 'language' fields and I can create 2 pages with 1 same slug like 'news_1' and different langs, then make call to model like 'where' => array('language' => $lang).
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    Sorry, I managed with multilingual pages, it was my mistake...
    But with sessions in the admin, problems continue to occur, sometimes I can not save or duplicate record, it throws to the login page.
    I did what you recommended in previous post:
    added $config['max_recent_pages'] = 0 and $config['saved_page_state_max'] = 0 in MY_fuel.php
    turned on sessions and set it to use DB to save session data and made $config['sess_time_to_update'] = 10000;
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    Do you by chance have multiple FUEL instances open? If so, they are both writing to the same CI_SESSION cookie which will invalidate one of them.
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