some small corrections

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there are some things that you may fix:
1. Forms - form field type - "text" creates a textarea field, not input type="text".
2. Configuring FUEL CMS site_name superfluous description.
3. Caching, Page Caching - bad link (404) $config['use_page_cache'].


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    Thanks for the report. We'll push some fixes for this documentation in the upcoming release.
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    And thank you!
    also notice one thing today:
    fuel_edit('$id', ['$label'=NULL], ['$module'='pagevariables'], ['$is_published'=TRUE], ['$xoffset'=NULL], ['$yoffset'=NULL])
    $xoffset - does not work (it takes params, but don't change position)...
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    Sometimes, the markers are affected by surrounding HTML styles. If you move where you call that to a different area does the offset kick in? There should be an HTML element inserted into the page with a class of __fuel_marker__ and should have a style="{xoffset}px;{yoffset}px;" attached to its element.
    <span class="__fuel_marker__"...>
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    example from docs:
    // long version <?=fuel_edit($article->id, 'Edit article: '.$article->title, 'articles', 10, 10)?>
    It worked when i pass this params:
    <?=fuel_edit($article, 'Edit: '.$article->title, '', '', 5, 20)?>
    third and fourth param does no effect, to change marker position need to pass 5th and 6th param...
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    I see. It's the is_published parameter that is missing from the example.
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