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Proposed change to debug_query()


I find debug_query() to be a very useful tool but it can be confusing when used since the default behaviour is to echo the result to the page. With a complex page with debug_query() scattered around, it can be difficult to see which query is which when just dumped to the top of the page.

I've fixed this for myself by adjusting the core function slightly:

In ./fuel/core/MY_Model.php
public function debug_query($hidden = FALSE, $exit = FALSE, $return = FALSE) { $str = $this->db->debug_query($hidden, $exit, $return); if(!empty($return)) { return $str; } }

and in ./fuel/core/MY_DB_mysql_driver.php
public function debug_query($hidden = FALSE, $exit = FALSE, $return = FALSE) { $str = ''; if (!empty($hidden)) echo '<!--'; $str.= $this->last_query()." \n"; if (!empty($hidden)) $str.= '-->'; if (!empty($return)) { return $str; } else { echo $str; } if (!empty($exit)) exit; }

In guess the same changes would need to be made for the other drivers too...


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    Great suggestion... I'll look into adding that.
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