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Hi, I was searching for this simple thing here and in documentation but couldn't find it (FuelCMS is new to me).

I started building website on top of clean v0.9.3 installation and I can see the views/home.php template is chosen as default when there is no URI (e.g. only). But I need to pass some variables there from controller and can't figure out how to name the controller class and it's file. I'm experienced with CodeIgniter but since the routing here is quite special, I have no idea. I tried home.php and class Home extends CI_Controller... and also the same with Index keyword. Can anybody help? Thank you!


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    Try changing the default_controller from fuel/page_router in your routes file to your controller name.
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    It looks like the most recent upgrade to CI 2.0 reactor caused that change. I did a difff on the 0.9.2 and the 0.9.3 core/URI.php class and found that by removing lines 177-180 would fixes your problem. I did a little research on their BitBucket site to see why that was added but was not able to find it. I'd like to know myself. To get around it you may need put in a redirect like you said.
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