Fuel navigation : how manually set 'active' item on sub level item menu

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Hello guys,
i've to set manually in my controllers active value for menu and sub menu (menu are hardcoded in var.php, not cms).
Works fine in first level menu but i don't know how to proceed for sub menu, any help will be helpful.

Ex : in nav.php

// nav level 1

$top_nav = array( 'adults'=>array('label'=>'adults', 'location'=>'adults' , ),
'juniors'=>array('label'=>'juniors', 'location'=>'juniors'),
'groups'=>array('label'=>'groups', 'location'=>'groups'),
// sub item, example for juniors

$top_nav['juniors_school'] = array( 'label' => 'juniors school' , 'parent_id' => 'juniors' , 'location'=>'juniors_school') ;
$top_nav['juniors_courses'] = array( 'label' => 'juniors courses' , 'parent_id' => 'juniors' , 'location'=>'juniors_courses') ;

// my rendering in a block

// -- works fine, my 'juniors item has the active class'
echo $this->fuel->navigation->render( $params=array(
'var' => 'top_nav',
I would like now that 'juniors' items has the active class, and also the 'juniors_courses' , when i am on 'juniors_courses' page.
I ask just for a tip about syntax in fuel->navigation->render, no problem about the value and the uri etc ..

Thx, have a good day


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    When you are on the junior_courses page, set the active value to 'junior_courses'. There is a parameter of 'cascade_selected' you can set to TRUE which will also make the juniors menu item active:
    echo $this->fuel->navigation->render( $params=array( 'var' => 'top_nav', 'active'=>'juniors', 'cascade_selected' => TRUE, ));
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    that's perfect, and sorry for the answer the default behavior was just fine, my bad
    Thx again for your help, have great day
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