What's the best way to deploy a new FuelCMS site using git?

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Is there a way to deploy FuelCMS as a git submodule of my git repo so that updating FuelCMS is done with a pull rather than downloading a zip and copy/pasting it into my folder?



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    We normally set it up as an external repo that we pull from. We'll have one for our project and another for FUEL to do periodic updates.
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    Any chance you could explain how you're doing this? Are you using git submodules? If the code for your project is in /fuel/application how do you handle this? Are you using .gitignore directives?
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    We don't use a submodule but just another remote repo that points to here:

    We normally will check out a fresh copy from GitHub, then setup a remote repo for our own development on that project which we push our changes to.

    Then periodically, we do a pull from the FUEL GitHub repo, to merge in any changes from GitHub. There can occasionally be conflict, which sometimes happens if there are changes to the fuel/application/config files or fuel/application/view files, but not very often. Make sense?
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