Broken carousel links for users->initialize

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I need info about - $this->fuel->users->initialize([$params=array()])
but response is blank for it in the documentation section.

also, $this->fuel->user_model->get_name() is blank -

Actually I am searching for a method which will have same functionality like wp_create_user in WP, does the initialize method will do that and if so, then what do I have to pass in the argument to make the user inactive in CMS admin.



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    If you are wanting to create a user record in the database, you can do that from the fuel_users_model. Below is some example code.
    $model = $CI->fuel->users->model(); $user = $model->create(); $user->first_name = 'First Name'; $user->last_name = 'Last Name'; $user->password = 'Last Name'; $user->permissions = array(1, 2, 3); // need DB IDS of permissions to assign if (!$user->save()) { print_r($user->errors()); }
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