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Great work getting CKEditor in Fuel guys, made a lot of people happy campers!

I've stuck CKFinder alongside and all is working well except when the _only_ thing that is done in the editor is an image is inserted via the image button (which fires CKFinder).

I figure this is because:

Around line 607 in BaseFuelController we have:

this.document.on('keyup', function(e){ editor.updateElement(); });

I can live with that, hit enter and back space and it works...

Is there any reason though that this sync with the editor and real post input couldn't be done on form submit?


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    The reason we that in there is so that textarea will always have the most recent value. This helps for when you enter in text in CKEditor and hit another button on the page, the warning that appears for changing a field will properly be displayed because that textarea will have changed. I don't have CKFinder locally to test but if you come up with a work around, let me know.
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    Okay, I think for now I'll just let it be known that the last thing to do is a key stroke in there. Probably a pretty slim use case for that not being the case anyway..
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    "The reason we that in there is so that textarea will always have the most recent value."
    The problem is the textarea will only be updated on keyup. If you do other changes like formatting and stuff the changes aren't purged until keyup. Can't we also update just before submit?
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    Good point. I've just pushed some updates to update the element before submit as well as fix some issues with CK editor and inline editing.
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