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Can you call a web service from a Fuel page

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To preface, I don't know Fuel so I will mess up the terminology and probably not understand some things. I don't know what category to post this in either.

We want to have some Fuel pages be able to read and write data from our internal app/database. We think using web services is probably best. So to my question, can a Fuel page make calls to .Net web services? If it can, is there anything in the design of the web service that Fuel needs? Can Fuel parse XML? I'm thinking the data will be passed back and forth using an XML string parameter on a web service method.

Thanks for any help. I've looked through the user guide and searched the forum and couldn't find any info on this.



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    I think after further poking around that it may be better to post this on a CodeIgniter forum. I'll try there also.
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    This does seem something that may be more CodeIgniter focused and would recommend the forum.
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