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Multiple domain content

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I was wondering if Fuel CMS has ever been modified such that 1 application install could serve multiple domains? That is, the server name is used to look up a domain table primary key, and then page_variables / pages with that foreign key are served as requested. I was thinking of ways to do this with vanilla Codeigniter, but Fuel is so much richer, and the page routing would be so similar in many ways to Fuel's that maybe I'd be better off using it instead.

The ideal solution would mean just adding a domain to server, and the base application is instantly able to serve content specific to that domain (although the source database would remain the same). Accessing the admin would of course filter on the domain too.


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    It unfortunately has not been because of how FUEL's other modules work outside of pages (fuel_navigation, fuel_users, etc). To include that site specific separation everywhere would require a new field for a lot of tables to specify what site the data belongs to and then queries would need to include that globally. So at this point, you can really only use the domain and swap which database to connect to in the database config file.
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