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I have use the form builder to build a form on my controller, the form serve as sending different parameter to generate a chart, but now every time when i click the submit button , it will prompt the "confirm navigation" error message saying the data didn't save etc etc , is there anyway to turn off this ?

some of solutions I m consider
1. abandon the formbuilder class rebuild with form class
2. anyway to overwrite the class of submit button ? it seem like without class='submit' there will be no prompt message


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    I'm assuming this is in the admin correct? So that message shows up if a form fields input value has changed since the page was loaded. The fuel/modules/fuel/assets/js/jquery/plugins/jquery.checksave.js is what is controlling that. There are two functions on that plugin that may be helpful $.removeChecksave() and $.changeChecksaveValue(...). Perhaps you can include a js file that would in remove or change the checksave value of the field being changed. FUEL uses the $.changeChecksaveValue function in the fuel/modules/fuel/assets/js/fuel/controller/PageController.js file.

    Also in your MY_fuel.php config file, you can set $config['warn_if_modified'] = FALSE; which will turn that off for all modules.
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    thanks Admin.

    just to share how i did this, must use click, if you use .submit, the checksave will fire first.

    $(document).ready(function() { $('#submit').click(function(e){ $.removeChecksave(); }); }); </script>
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