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Strange issue on a production (godaddy)

edited November 2014 in News & Announcements
Hi again, and sorry for my confusing question.
I have a strange issue when submiting a from (saving) in fuel admin.
When I press "save" the browser refresh page (like normal submit) but the green line with message "data has been save" didn't appear and record not save... When try catch whats happen I saw in console that one of the requests (/fuel/classy/venues/edit/1046 in my case) return "406 Not Acceptable". Some records are saved normal with the request return "302 Moved Temporarily".

When I try to save normal fuel cms page (not one of my modules like the case above) the same request (fuel/pages/edit/1) return "302 Moved Temporarily" and page save normally.

On my local computer the above requests return "302 Found" and everything works fine... I don't know form where to start... :(

Thanks for your help.


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