Problems with unziping files

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Hellow, i'm using Fuel CMS not so far ago, but already loved it!
Im working on creating gallery module and i had some problems with uploading assets, all gallery files should be placed in sub folders like 'images/gallery/{var}', every gallery contains a lot of images, so it would be nice to upload them all at once, like zipping them on client side, then upload and unzip it on the sever, fuel gives that functionality, but when i select option 'Unzip zip files' its just does not work... however if i use unzip and download my archiv in the parent folder 'images' - everything is works fine...
Pleas point me what could be the problem...


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    well i solved it by adding 'editable_asset_filetypes' in config fuel.php like
    'images/galleries' => 'jpg|jpeg|jpe|gif|png|zip'
    and it worked...
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