git pull error

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I am trying using git to pull fuelcms for a new project

So i created a new folder in localhost

- git init
- git remote add origin
- git pull

the cms is then pulled, however i noticed there are <<<<<<HEAD append at the top of the file and >>>>token number append at the end of the file

How to remove these extra <<<<<<HEAD


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    Those are from a Git merge conflict it looks like. Which file's/URL show this? If you do a search for that string in your project, what file(s) comes up?
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    The main bootstrap index.php file is where you are seeing those <<<<<<HEAD? If so, have you made changes to that file? If so, you may need to manually merge any changes you made with the FUEL index.php version.
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    Yes, in fact i used git clone to solve the isuue thanks
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