Block in a blog post?

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So it appears you cannot put a block into a blog post like you can with a page within the CMS.

e.g. {fuel_block('hubway/wbur')}

Is there any way to do this?

If not let me tell you why we want to and perhaps you have another idea.

Our server Firewall does not allow iFrames to be entered into the CMS and we would like to keep in this way for security reasons. Occasionally, however, our system Marketing managers want to embed a YouTube video or, in this case, a segment from NPR.

We thought about just putting it into the db but then they could never edit the post again as they would always get a save error in the CMS. So we thought a better solution would be to create a block in our codebase that they could reference in the blog post.


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    Nevermind, looks like if we add it to the DB manually you can still edit the post from the CMS and it will, indeed, save. We assumed the Firewall would continue to block it but I suppose not. So problem solved.
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    And, I was wrong yet again... We just didn't have the Firewall set on our development server.

    So my initial question remains.
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    What are you seeing instead (an error message or nothing)?
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