Problem for an install on MacOs - Mamp

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I've an issue with the Fuelcms install. I'm gonna explain the situation.

First,I develop on my mac (I don't know if it's a problem). When I download and extract the zip folder, all the .htaccess files are hide.

Secondly, I used Mamp to develop locally, I'd follow the tutorial from http://localhost:8888/Fuelcms/ to install all the things :
Create the database with phpMyAdmin, copy paste everything the tutorial told me. Everything should be works but no, when I click on the link : http://localhost:8888/Fuelcms/fuel there is a advertising on a white page "Not found, The requested URL /index.php/fuel/start was not found on this server.".

I don't know where the problem is, can you please help me ?

ps: Sorry for my english I'm french and actually i'm a development beginner.


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