Where will be FuelCMS going?

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I think FuelCMS is big fan for CI. However i have heard that CI is going to change owner and i also noticed another CMS for CI - PyroCMS changing to laravel framework. Does FuelCMS have any similar plan of moving to other framework? I think the flexibility of FuelCMS is a great feature to make it stand out of its competitors


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    The future of CI is indeed up in the air which is unfortunate since I think it's a great fit for a lightweight framework to create websites just as it is. The fact that it's on a well-documented MVC framework you can use alongside the CMS, in my mind, makes it easier to work with out of the box then most other CMS's out there (but then again, I'm obviously biased). That said, we are constantly evaluating how to best improve the platform given our resources whether that be incrementally or a complete shift. At this point, we haven't made any firm decisions but are still evaluating different options. Changing it to a completely different framework would be a huge amount of work as the guys at Pyro will attest (https://www.pyrocms.com/blog/2014/08/hard-decisions).
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    Glad to hear that fuel cms management are evaluating. I believe many of us will support the decisions.
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