How do you wrap an image with fuel_nav?

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a img /a


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    Not quite sure I understand. You can use the HTML code tags to input code.
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    This is what I am using to render a menu:

    echo fuel_nav(array('render_type' => 'my-button'))

    But it renders a list, e.g. ul > li etc..

    But I need something like.. a img /a

    Have you got an example you could paste in, it's probably something simple. I just can't work it out at this time.
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    render_type: options are basic, breadcrumb, page_title, collapsible, delimited, array. Default is 'basic'

    but i believe to change ul>li to img etc you can use

    container_tag: the html tag for the container of a set of menu items. Default is ul
    item_tag: the html list item element. Default is 'li'
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    Okay, great. I see it now.
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