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I built a website using fuelCMS that has a large amount of data including several images. The client (ad agency who contracted me) required that I include the Wibiya share toolbar. They're real keyed in on being able to share links on facebook and other Social Media networks.

The want the user to be able to go to their facebook account and click to share a link and (what's supposed to happen) have all the images on that page show up in a list for the facebook user to choose from as the image to post next to their link share.

If you enter something like cnn.com in the link share field on facebook you'll see a list of thumbnails from which to choose being pulled from that page. That's not happening on the site I built. I had to add a tag to the head in order to just get one image to show up from any of the pages of the site.

I've scoured the Internet to find what has to be done in order to get FB to pull in that list of images and for some reason can't get any definitive information. Found a lot of hunt-and-peck out there and most likely some of those 'fixes' were coincidence with timing for FB to 'index' the images on the site.

Would it be a good thing for a CMS framework like fuelCMS to include a Social Media Best Practices document? More and more ad agencies and clients are focusing on this. Thoughts? Resources out there?


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    We've thought about including a social module and have several in various forms for Twitter that we'll use for clients. But with regards to your particular issue, I guess, I'm not quite sure how it directly relates to FUEL CMS. As a side note, Elliot Haughin has a Facebook and Twitter library that may be of use.
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    I wasn't sure where to post this. Just thought someone might have run in to the same issue that might have found something of use to 'share.' Thanks for the input. I'll look in to that.
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