How can I extend the Form_builder library

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I'm updating my application to the last version of FuelCMS (the old app was based in the 0.91 branch wich was based too in CI 1.7...)
I have extended the Form_builder library and was working in the old version, but now I can't make it works...

The name of the file is "MY_Form_builder.php" and the declaration is "class MY_Form_builder"... What am i making wrong?


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    It looks like it expects a base class to by in the system (fuel/codeigniter) folder. There was a switch from using Matchbox to Modular Extensions which is also probably part of the issue. Regardless, I don't see why it should be limited to the system folder and so I have an update locally that I will include in the upcoming release (hopefully this week). If you'd like to check it out on your end, this was the change on line 362 or so of the fuel/application/third_party/fuel/Loader.php file:

    if ( ! file_exists($baseclass)) { //<!-- FUEL ... changed so that base classes can be loaded from application directory too $baseclass = APPPATH.'libraries/'.ucfirst($class).EXT; if ( ! file_exists($baseclass)) { log_message('error', "Unable to load the requested class: ".$class); show_error("Unable to load the requested class: ".$class); } // FUEL --> }
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    The migration progress has been sucessful and now we are working with the last release of FuelCMS. Thank you again for your support and effort, you are becoming a little superhero :D
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    No problem... and thanks for the spanish translation efforts. That should make a few people happy I hope. As a heads up, there will be a new version coming out hopefully in a week that does have a couple minor language file additions (not many though), but not enough to warrant waiting until it's release.
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