Weird loading of default header

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I am sure i did not load the default header.php under block folder.
i am using <?php $this->load->view('_blocks/sgheader')?> which is my header
but strangely the header.php is auto loaded each time and i have to enforce a $vars['layout']="" in the controller to make header.php loading gone.
I only have problem in one of the page, but for other page i do not have the same problem.


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    The layout by default is the main layout unless you specify it. Perhaps the main layout calls that default header (fuel/application/views/_layouts/main.php)
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    but why the main layout is called for this specific page not others is something i dont get it
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    It's tough to say without knowing a little more. For example:
    1. Are the pages created in the CMS or are they view files?
    2. Are there both view files and pages created in the CMS with the same location?
    3. Is there anything specified in a variables file that may be effecting the layout (more on variable files can be found here
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