Inline editing of foreign keys


I was wondering how easy it is to implement inline editing of module forms via a popup. For example, I have a module with
public $foreign_keys = array('imageID' => array('app' => 'images_model', 'order' => 'imageName asc'));

On the edit page, this gives me a dropdown box with [edit] & [add] buttons. When I want to say, add a new option (for that dropdown), I click the button and I get a "create" page from the images_model.

How can get that "create" page to appear as a popup? It happens elsewhere, I'm not sure how that's implemented...




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    There is a field type called "inline_edit" that creates that functionality:
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    That's helpful, thanks. My module also has another situation that is slightly more complicated however.

    I have some "copy" fields which are created manually in the module:
    $str = '<div>/*my manually created content*/</div><a href="'.fuel_url('my_model/create').'" class="btn_field">Add</a>'; return array('type' => 'copy', 'tag'=>'div','value' => $str, 'order' => 10);

    Is there way to get Fuel to do the popup for this "add" or do I need to code it manually with an extra 'js'=>'somejs();' parameter in my returned array?
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    You can try adding the class "add_edit" next to btn_field class which is what get's automatically inserted and is looked for by that inline field type. However, I haven't directly tested that.
  • <a href="'.fuel_url('my_model/create').'" class="btn_field add_edit">My Add Button</a>

    Gives me extra buttons with undefined href attributes. eg.
    [My Add Button] [Add] [Edit]

    My Add Button still opens a new page, the Add & Edit attempt to open popups but have undefined hrefs.
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    What if you create a select element that has a display: none and a module data attribute like so:
    <select class="add_edit" data-module="my_module" style="display: none"></select>
    Also, as an FYI, the logic for the inline_edit javascript is found in the custom_fields.js file "fuel.fields.inline_edit_field" method if you need to create your own JS logic.
  • A better solution:
    The <select> solution works but restricts the ability to pass URL parameters to the popup. For example, it's handy to pass the ID of the parent record.

    It seems the class "add_inline_button" is more useful here.

    <a href="'.fuel_url('my_model/inline_create?imageID='.$values['imageID']).'" class="btn_field add_inline_button">My Add Button</a>

    This was tested on Fuel 1.1...
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    Set the "module" parameter to FALSE:
    $fields['my_field']['module'] = FALSE;
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