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Remove create button in listing page

edited July 2014 in Modules
How can i do this? i checked could not find anyway to disable it, unlinke export data we have exportable=>true.



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    try specifying the module parameter "item_actions" to be an empty array (the log module does this in it's configuration in the fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel_modules.php file):
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    after i set to empty array. like

    $config['modules']['newsletters'] = array(
    'module_name' => 'Newsletters',
    'exportable' => true,

    the delete link failed to work, clicking on delete will result in 404 page
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    If you have the table_action of delete, you'll need to add the following as well:
    'item_actions' => array('delete');
  • $config['modules']['packages'] = array('module_name' => 'Packages', 'exportable' => TRUE, 'table_actions' =>array('EDIT', 'VIEW'),'item_actions' =>array('EDIT', 'VIEW'));

    Throwing a 404

  • @admin what are other options I can use for 'item_actions'? as I want to use this to send email with a textbox?

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