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I'm trying to figure out how to remove the link for a NAV item.
I've read this thread: http://forum.getfuelcms.com/discussion/845/help-building-top-menu/p1
and attempted using pre_render_fun, but that doesn't seem to do anything to the final string at all.
I also read this thread: http://forum.getfuelcms.com/?p=discussion/591/how-to-add-an-dumb-menu-item/p1
But neither of them seems to work, though the 2nd one gets closer, by suggesting editing the menu.php file directly, which I'd rather not due to updating later.

Basically, I want my normal NAV items:
<li><a href="home">Home</a></li> <li><a href="contact">Contact</a></li>
etc, but then I want one item as an li at the end like:
<li>this is additional info. Call this #<a href="tel:123-456-7890">123-456-7890</a></li>

It shows up properly in the Nav, but wraps the last li with

How can I do this simply? I've attempted setting "key" to "blank" and "Location" to "/" but that didn't do anything either.



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    I wasn't able to see what it is wrapping in your post. Also, what are the values specified in the CMS? Did you try specifying this string for the label and leaving the location value blank:
    this is additional info. Call this #<a href="tel:123-456-7890">123-456-7890</a>
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    In the CSM the values are:
    label: <br>this is additional info. <br><span>More</span><br>Call this #<a href="tel:123-456-7890">123-456-7890</a> location: / key: blank parent: none published: yes precedence: 5 attributes: selected: hidden: no
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    So it looks like:
    <ul> <li><a href="home">Home</a></li> <li><a href="contact">Contact</a></li> <li><a href="http://site.com/"><br>this is additional info. <br><span>More</span><br>Call this #<a href="tel:123-456-7890">123-456-7890</a></a></li> </ul>
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    Does it work if you remove the "/" from the location field?
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    When I remove the "/" it adds it back automatically.
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    I see. That's a regression bug caused by a fix for an issue where saving with the same location value would overwrite an existing value (https://github.com/daylightstudio/FUEL-CMS/commit/a63993d611ba88d097cfc8f0dde0f5ca253cf199). I've posted a fix in the develop branch. However, there is a database schema change to change the unique index on the fuel_navigation table. That commit also has a change for the storage engine to be innoDB instead of MySAM.
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    I just implemented the changes (aside from the innoDB/MySAM changes) and it worked beautifully.

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