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Hi again,

a client seems to have difficulty in not uploading images with parentheses in the file name via the WYSIWYG image button (CKE). Eg "my_image(5).jpg". Of course, this is OK for a file name, but not for parsing via php, where extraneous brackets break the parsing and the front-end page ( the field in question is in a module and is being rendered via parse_template_syntax() ).

Is it possible to either prevent uploads with parentheses, or re-write the file name on the fly when using the asset upload modals?


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    I'm seeing an issue where when you view source in markitUp! mode that it adds extra brackets and parenthesis like so::
    <img alt="" src="{img_path({img_path('test(300).jpg')})}" />
    Is that what you are seeing?
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    yes - too many brackets
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    I've posted a fix in the develop branch that you can pull from:
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    Sorry, not so good. The last letter of the filename extension is being chopped in the editor. Even if the code is edited via Markitup, it is magically truncated again. Eg:

    <p><img alt="" src="{img_path(_uploads/test(300).jp)}" /></p>

    If saved in the database, with the full extension, the parse_template_syntax() is still having trouble eg:
    Compilation error at line 1 in "string:" : Parse error in ".jpg)}" />
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