Navigation Active Not Working for Groups Other then 1

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fuel/modules/fuel/helpers/fuel_helper.php line 354 needs to be changed from

$active = $CI->navigation_model->find_by_location($p['active']);


$active = $CI->navigation_model->find_by_location($p['active'], $p['group_id']);

or active is not set for groups with id greater then 1.


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    Thanks for the report. I've just pushed that fix.
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    Sure thing ... when I use render_type collapsible with fuel_nav the whole navigation group disappears. I'm not sure I understand how that render_type is supposed to work. Is that how its supposed to work?
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    Hmm... I think there is a bug if you are rendering collapsible menus from the admin (it seems to work OK with a nav.php variables file). I'm looking into it.
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    OK... just pushed a fix for that issue as well in the Menu class.
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    I could not find the code that "thisisflashpoint" has mentioned. The issue with navigation filter in the CMS is still there. Can you please help?
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    Can you provide a code example of the issue to help debug?
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