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The "head" section is empty on some admin pages

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I lose all of the stuff on some admin pages like /fuel/pages so all of the CSS is gone. Any idea why this might be happening? Clearing the caches in Fuel and in Chrome doesn't seem to help.

Looking at the "network" tab in the Chrome developer tools it looks like the server is only returning a chunk of the page like the blocks table, not all of the HTML, almost like its it's making an ajax call :s


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    A few questions:
    1. Do you have errors turned on in the index.php bootstrap file (should be automatically if you are using the development environment)?
    2. Is this on your local environment and if so, what's the setup?
    3. Also, which pages is the error happening?

    I'd first start looking at any configuration settings you may have setup for your modules and perhaps try commenting them out to see if the problem goes away.
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    1. I do now and I'm getting a 404
    2. Live environment
    3. /fuel/pages and /fuel/blocks, seems like its listing pages, not details

    You gave me some code to add the URL of the 404. Just going to throw that in now to get more info.
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    The 404 was the missing favicon. Fixed that and now I'm getting no errors when the page screws up.

    This is the start of the response I get from the server:

    On a good response it looks like this:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"

    FUEL CMS : Blocks

    Any chance it's something on the server?
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    It's possible. Do you have mod_security or suhosin installed on the server? Here's a rather long thread regarding one issue with that (which may be a long shot):

    Also, I'd start looking at the fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/module.php controller to debug where it seems to be getting hung up. In particular the "items" method.
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    I think it was related to the server running PHP 5.3. I changed it to 5.5 and the problem seems to have gone away.
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    Hmm... strange. We run FUEL on PHP 5.3 a lot and haven't run into an issue like that.
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