is there any way to include static pages in cms for management purpose?

I have on my site many pages that built based in controllers and I need a wat to include them in CMS for management
does fuel cms provide this feature?


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    Yes. You can read more about that here under the area where it says "Controller Page"
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    I make pages based on controller but this pages dont appear in dashboard for management is there any way to make them appear in dashboard
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    You will need to create the page in the CMS. Then in your controller method, call:
    $vars = array(); // array of variables to pass to the page $this->fuel->pages->render('about/contact', $vars, array('render_mode' => 'cms'));
    The first parameter is the URI location of the page and should match the location value you saved in the CMS. The $vars parameter is additional variables (outside of the variables set in the CMS) to pass to the page. The "render_mode" parameter is to just ensure that the page is being pulled from the CMS and not a view file.
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