Is it possible to change the "Please fill out this field" form message?

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I have generated a form using the form_builder class. If a filed is required and I click the submit button, it will show this message on that filed: "Please fill out this field". I need to change the message. How can I do this?


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    This can actually be handled with CSS. Try adding the following CSS:
    form input::-webkit-validation-bubble-message,
    form select::-webkit-validation-bubble-message,
    form textarea::-webkit-validation-bubble-message {
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    And where goes the message text?
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    Is the form being rendered in the front end, like for a contact form, or back end (CMS)?
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    It's in the front end.
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    Add this to your main css file for the page (e.g. assets/css/main.css). Usually it's included in the header using the "css" function.
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