How to use other types of date picker in the edit page of a module?

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Is it possible to use other third-party javascript date pickers like this one on the edit page of a module? If so, how?


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    The datepicker is actually a built-in custom field type. This means you can overwrite it in the fuel/application/config/custom_fields.php configuration:
    // date field $fields['date'] = array( 'css' => 'my_datepicker', // would exists at fuel/assets/css/my_datepicker.css 'js' => array('jquery.datepicker.min'), // would exists at fuel/assets/js/jquery.datepicker.min.css 'css_class' => 'datepicker', // CSS class you want to automatically associate with the field which you can subsequently use in your "js_function" below 'js_function' => 'fuel.fields.datetime_field', );
    More can be found on custom field types here:

    For an example of what is in the js_function, you can look here:
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