fuel_page documentation?

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I've been reading most of the user guide and following the tutorials provided and i came accross this:

$this->load->module_library(FUEL_FOLDER, 'fuel_page', array('location' => 'about/contact'));

I was wondering if there is any further documentation on how the fuel_page-> location function works?
I found this page: http://www.getfuelcms.com/user_guide/modules/blog/fuel_blog
but it doesn't give much info.


  • DatDat
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    Oh nvm, I found it. I searched for the Fuel_page library itself and it's well documented in the code. Hope it finds its way in the user_guide

    here's a snippet if it helps anyone.
    public $id = NULL; // the page ID if it is coming from a database
    public $location = ''; // the uri location
    public $layout = ''; // the layout file to apply to the view
    public $is_published = TRUE; // whether the page can be seen or not
    public $is_cached = TRUE; // is the file cached in the system cache directory
    public $views_path = ''; // the path to the views folder for rendering. Used with modules
    public $render_mode = 'views'; // is the page being rendered from the views folder or the DB
    public $markers = array();
    public static $marker_key = '__FUEL_MARKER__';

    private $_CI = NULL;
    private $_variables = array(); // variables applied to the page
    private $_segments = array(); // uri segments to pass to the page
    private $_page_data = array(); // specific data about the page (not variables being passed necessarily)
    private $_fuelified = FALSE; // is the person viewing the page logged in?... If so we will make inline editing and toolbar visible
    private $_only_published = TRUE; // view only published pages is used if the person viewing page is not logged in
    private $_fuelified_processed = FALSE; // if fuelify has already been called
    private $_marker_salt = NULL;
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