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Having trouble getting cron working :s

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I have the cron module installed, but I'm having trouble getting curl jobs to run. LAMP box, other cron jobs on the server run fine, but I want to do this one through the website using the cron module so the client can adjust the timing of jobs as needed...they're not experienced enough to do it through ssh.

This is the command text:
No quotes around anything

It fails to run and I get emails that says:
curl: (7) couldn't connect to host

I added the IP of the server to MY_fuel.php like this:
$config['webhook_remote_ip'] = array(''); /* I used my actual IP here not the IP listed */

Am I defining the command incorrectly?


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    Can you run that command via command line outside of the module and cron OK?
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    Don't have SSH access at the moment...working on that?
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    Stupid Plesk. I can't seem to figure out how to enable SSH access for my server, but I do know that the CRON jobs aren't running as root, so there may be permissions issues. The user is the FTP account.
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    HAha it ended up being a firewall issue. The client has a managed GoDaddy server so I don't have root access and they secure the hell out of the box. There was no rule for local http access through the firewall, LOL.

    My original cron command: curl

    Works just fine now :)
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