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Just got "Plugin elapsed_time can not be found, maybe you forgot to bind it if it's a custom plugin?" trying to add {elapsed_time} at the footer of a page to see how the execution time goes with other caching such as eaccelerator...

Obviously the benchmarking class isnt auto-loaded in Fuel? Dunno how to do that myself?



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    There's a few ways:
    1. Add it to the autoload
    2. In your fuel/application/config/MY_config.php file, you can set the enable_profiler = TRUE
    3. If you are trying to profile a page that doesn't use a controller, you can load it in your views/_variables/global.php file like so:$CI->load->library('benchmark');
    4. If you are using a controller to render the page, you can load it like any other CI library.
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    Hrm, thought it was meant to be autoloaded by default? And if I do any of the above I get "Unable to load the requested class: benchmark"
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    My bad... you are right, that is already loaded. I was able to see the profiling OK on my local version when added to the code. How are you trying to implement it (e.g. in a controller or a view file etc)?
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    Just chucking {elapsed_time} in the standard footer view.
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    I see the issue. It's because of the Dwoo templating syntax is trying to process it. Try adding this.
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