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Simple layout with text and gallery

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I'm a Fuelcms newbie and I have a couple of questions:
- It is possible to create a layout with a text and a few images related. ¿Would have to create a model?
- It's possible to create a "model page" from the admin page menu ?


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    Yes. You would create a model to save the appropriate information. Then you can create a view or block to display them. We've written a blog post regarding creating modules if that may help.

    To create a model, you must first set it up in the code. Then you can use the admin to add/edit the data.
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    Ok, but in this way if i create a model and i connect it with my layout thru a block, all layout show always the same gallery, no?

    It's possible to determinate the gallery to show thru a layout variable?
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    Sure. You could also pass it as a URI segment parameter (you can use the function uri_segment() or $CI->uri->segment() to grab the appropriate segment). Then in your block, if you are using a model, you could do something like this:
    $gallery = fuel_model('galleries', array('where' => array('gallery_name' => uri_segment(3));
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