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I just updated a site from 0.9.1 to 0.9.2 because I had some issues but now the Admin area won't show up. In MY_Fuel.php I have enabled the admin section.

When I browse to mysite.com/fuel it redirects me to mysite.com/fuel/dashboard and displays the html code for my homepage but none of the images, css files or js files are loaded properly.

The front end of the site works no problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    It sounds like the assets path for the js, and css is probably not working correctly. If you view source, what does it say the href path is to the fuel.css file... and more importantly is that correct?

    Also, what happens if you temporarily comment line 15 in the .htaccess file?
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    The problem is the admin section does not show up at all it just displays the frontends homepage.

    Assets work for the frontend if its viewed through the correct links.

    Nothing happens if I comment that line.
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    With your previous install did you have to do anything with the uri_protocol and query strings (see very bottom of the following thread)?

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    I did have problems with urls in the last install and I had hoped the upgrade would fix it. I'll try what is in that thread and see where I get.

    That has seemed to fix the problem for now. Thanks for the help.
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    Can you send me that thread again so I can reference it as well.
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    And just to clarify, was your problem with the uri_protocol being a query string?
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    Its fixed after following the solution in the last comment of the thread you posted so I would say that was the problem.
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    OK. That is probably going to be an issue with any CI project you have on that server that uses .htaccess and mod_rewrite.
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    Thankfully this is the only project I intend to have to run on it.
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