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We have a section of pages that don't use our general layout all under a certain folder (,, etc ). We currently load our header and footer manually. Instead I just want to create a layout for them to use. However, since I did not built the original site, I can't figure out where it is set to not use the general layout. It is not based on URI since I created a new page under the folder and it does automatically use the general layout ( used the regular layout).

I'm not seeing a <?php fuel_set_var('layout', '')?> within any of the views, nor any $vars['layout'] = ''; under the _variables folder.

Where else can this be set?


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    There are a few ways to set the layout (some you already mentioned):

    1. In the _variables/global.php using the $pages['folder/:any'] = array('layout' => 'my_layout');
    2. In the views/_variables folder (perhaps the a file called "folder".php where "folder" is the first URI segment name). Or even in the
    3. Using fuel_set_var('layout', '')
    4. In a controller
    5. In the CMS under pages or even site variables

    Check those places and let me know if you find what you need.
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    It's definitely not in 1-3 or 5. I looked all those places and these are pages that are not even part of our CMS. So I'm going to delve into the controller now but I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for. Any ideas?
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    Yeah, I'm not finding anything in the controller that I can recognize as taking away the default layout, but perhaps I don't quite know what I'm looking for. Would it be helpful to paste the code from any of my files? If so which ones?

    Thanks for your help.
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