Configuration problem?

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Editing table from dashboard
Delete record throws the following error:
You are about to delete the item: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Undefined variable: title Filename: core/Loader.php(332) : eval()'d code Line Number: 8

There is no "title" field or variable associated with this table. It continues to ask if I want to delete the record -- and if I say yes, the record gets deleted. Line 8 of what? -- certainly not of my plants model, Base_module_model, Loader, MX/Loader, or CI_loader. There is no variable or field "title" in my table (or anywhere else in my code)

The user doing the editing is "admin"

My_fuel_modules has
$config['modules']['plants'] = array();
and Plants_model extends Base_module_model

At the moment, this is just ugly and not harmful, but I'm assuming that it is indicative of something that isn't being set up correctly.



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    What are the fields in your model? You can set a "display_field" parameter in your MY_fuel_modules to be the field you want to associate with identifying your record.
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    Setting the display_field was not a cure.

    However, based on your suggestion, I experimented enough to know what causes it.

    The cause was the "col" field specified as a parameter in "list_items" being NULL. The minute I went in and put something in it, the problem went away. (I was cleaning junk out of the table).

    I suggest treating this as a bug...while not critical, a php error is not a clean way of communicating a problem with a record, especially since the delete eventually works and since it was willing to let me edit the same record (and fix).

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