New Install Issue - downloaded yesterday

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I installed per instructions (on XAMPP).
I created a menu using Admin -- looks good -- I also installed the documentation module -- it works and it shows up in admin. So I think admin features are working.
The original home.php worked.

But then I started to claim it.
I altered home.php to have the following
$vars['meta_keywords'] = 'Florida plants, New York Plants, travel, wildlife, photography, ecosystems, botany, plant ecology, Shirley Denton'; $vars['meta_description'] = 'This site focuses on the nature of places ........... visit';
I did nothing with the layout file, main.php
I altered header.php to include only html plus the following (in appropriate places)
<meta name="keywords" content="<?php echo fuel_var('meta_keywords')?>"> <meta name="description" content="<?php echo fuel_var('meta_description')?>"> and <?php echo fuel_nav(array('depth' => 2,'render_type'=>'basic'));
fuel_var and fuel_nav produce nothing (I am getting empty strings back). They also produce no errors.

There is only one other use of fuel. It works.
<?php echo css('ink-min, docs'); ?>

The remainder of header.php and home.php are html and do not attempt to use fuel, and they behave.

Seems like the lines that are failing use fuel helpers.

Any ideas?



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    What file was the following in:
    Is the fuel_mode set to "auto" in the fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php file?
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    Thanks !

    Setting fuel_mode to auto got me there because it got me an error message! My attempts at getting php.ini set up correctly had apparently backfired (after I created the menu in admin) -- php had stopped loading mysql.

    I'm now getting useful results.
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