MX Loader: loading module_view, module_library etc

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I'm trying to find information on the MX_Loader class in the docs - but it seems thin. Many of its methods are crucial to advanced module development, and the best option seems to be to install a pre-existing module and work out example usage from them. Also, one has to be a member of Bitbucket to get to wiredesignz source. Could the docs be expanded to explain these methods?


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    The following is the best documentation for wiredesignz's HMVC library:

    What you may be referring to as well are FUEL's additions to the library which provides a slightly different syntax in addition to the HMVC library:
    //HMVC $this->load->module_library('my_advanced_module/my_library'); // FUEL's added syntax $this->load->module_library('my_advanced_module', 'my_library');

    The FUEL syntax was added for some backwards compatibility for using a similar library called Matchbox and it's the format that was stuck with.
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