Change default text editor

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Hi, I would like to change the default text editor.

The user guide says that we have to change this value: $config['text_editor'] located in /modules/fuel/config/fuel.php

I already did it and it doesn't work, markitup is still the default editor. I try this:

$config['text_editor'] = 'ckeditor';
$config['text_editor'] = 'wysiwyg';
$config['text_editor'] = array('type' => 'wysiwyg', 'editor' => 'wysiwyg');

None of these worked.

Is there anything else that I have to change?


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    Look for
    $config['text_editor'] = 'ckeditor';
    in fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php

    you can use either markitup or ckeditor
    ckeditor is wysiwyg, markitup is text
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    Thank you, that works!!
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