Categories not showing up in blog posts edit page

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On a fresh install of Fuel and Blog module, categories that have been created do not show up in the "categories" list in the blog posts edit page. Even if I add a new category directly from the blog posts edit page, it won't show up in in the list (but I can see it if I go to the categories edit page).


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    Are you referring to the generic FUEL categories or the blog specific categories (I know... a little confusing)?
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    Blog specific categories. They (the categories) are also not listed in the categories section of the main blog view although the information is in the fuel_blog_categories table. All that is listed under "categrories" is "uncategorized".
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    Hmm... I'm having a hard time replicating that issue. It sounds like things may not be getting saved to the fuel_relationships table. Can you verify that that is the case? If that is the case, would you mind doing a little debugging on the MY_Model::process_relationships method to see if things are properly being setup to save there?
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    Ok got it! It seemed to be a browser issue. I was using and older Firefox (version 10.x) on one of my dev computers. I hadn't tried to replicate the problem in another browser (* head slap *). Once the browser was updated, the problem disapeared.

    Sorry for the trouble...
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