Secondary language values not showing up in admin panel

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I've set up a brand new test site with a fresh copy of Fuel to try out the multiple language support. I've set it up in My_fuel this way, with French as the default language :

$config['languages'] = array( 'fr' => 'French', 'en' => 'English', ); $config['language_mode'] = 'both';

I can create a page in the CMS and use the language drop-down menu to fill out fields in both languages, and the information is saved correctly to the page_variables table. However, if I want to edit the English fields once the page is created and saved, the English information won't show up in the Layout Variables section. I select English from the drop-down, the page seems to refresh through AJAX, but the Layout Variables section always shows the French information.

BTW, congrats to Fuel CMS team on v1 official launch. Everything looks great!


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    I've tested a few more variations with more languages...

    $config['languages'] = array( 'en' => 'English', 'fr' => 'French', 'gr' => 'Greek', 'ar' => 'Arabic', );

    Regardless of which language appears as default in the drop-down list (i.e. is set first in the config array), the information showing up in the Layout Variables' section correpsonds to the language who's key is the last one in alphabetical order. In my current setup, the only information showing up in the Layout Variables' section is the Greek info.

    Can't figure out where this is going wrong. Anybody else have this problem?
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    The order in which the information for each language was saved to the database is not a factor. It really seems to be alphabetical...
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    Damn... that's a bug from the 1.0.3 release we didn't catch. I've posted a fix in the develop branch for the next patch release. Please test it out when you can and let me know if you have any further issues.
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    I got the fix and everything is working great now. Thanks!
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