Struggling with my installation

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I have created a new folder in my localhost web root and inside that placed fuelcms folder called fuel so that I have this
appering as the link on the bottom of your welcome page but when I click that link I get a 404 error with object not found?

I have altered my .htaccess file to point the Rewritebase like this: RewriteBase /fuel/

The first line of My_fule.php looks like this:
$config['fuel_path'] = 'fuel/';

My mod-rewrite on my XAMP install of apache is working just fine with all other sites so I don't suspect a problem in that area.

I have tried a couple of other things that didn't make any difference so obviously I am missing something very fundamental here and wondered if anyone could help me out please?


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    After reading a few more posts on a similar vane to mine I have just tried commenting out the Rewritebase line in the htaccess file and it now appears to be working - not sure why though as that seems wrong?
    Maybe it is something to do with the XAMP installation on my windows 7 box?
    Any thoughts?
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    Have you set the "admin_enabled" value to TRUE in the fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php file?
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    Yes I have done that and as I said in my last comment the cms is working it was just odd that the rewritebase had to be commented out to make it work.
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    What's the URI path to the main index.php bootstrap file?
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